The median price of single-family homes in Williamson County rose 21.16% YoY from $305,375 to $370,000, while the median price per square foot also rose from $154.17 to $183.61.

Source: Data used in this graph comes from the Texas REALTOR Data Relevance Project

Your 2021 Neighborhood and Market Data

QuickRefID: R529183

Property Address: 2214/2304 S LAKELINE BLVD, CEDAR PARK, TX 78613

Market Value: $12,401,530

2021 Neighborhood Information for L281O14C - Arbors at Lakeline Condo

Number of Houses: 204

Median Year Built: 2016

Median Sq Ft: 1,687

Sq Ft Range: 1423 - 2587

Median Value: $299,949

2021 Market Information:

L281O14C - Arbors at Lakeline Condo (L281O14C)

Number of New Improvements: 0

Number of Sales: 15

Median Sales Price: $307,217

Median Sq Foot of Sales: 1,861

Sale Sq Ft Range: 1423 - 2270

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Economic outlook, job opportunities, and location are contributing factors to the growth Central Texas has experienced for may years. Growth and development in Williamson county has supported a vibrant real estate market that is illustrated by increasing sales volume and prices.

Current valuations were developed using sales information from Jan 1st, 2020 through Jan 31st, 2021

In mass appraisal, market areas are determined and defined by grouping properties with similar characteristics and trends in order to systematically and efficiently appraise all of the property in the county each year. WCAD has defined hundreds of market areas within the county and assigns each one a unique neighborhood code. The INTERACTIVE MAP illustrates your property and the market area to which it is assigned. It is the District's responsibility to select the most comparable sales that will be used during the appeal process. Yearly sales information is utilized in determining and setting the market values as of January 1st each year.

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